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DM670/TM - Universal Temperature Gauge With Alarm And Datalogging Functionsons

  • Universal RTD or Thermocouple Input
  • Battery Powered, with USB and NFC Interface
  • Dual Relays, Max / Min / Average Data
  • User Set Display Messaging
  • 5000 Point Data Logger

Product Description

The DM670TM is an alternative to the traditional bi-metal and gas actuated dial gauges. It uses standard Pt100 or thermocouple sensors and is battery powered. It displays the sensor temperature in °C or °F on a 6-digit LCD display. The instrument offers an advanced display mode allowing the user to also display one or two (1 to 32) character messages. Additional to the messages, the user may select an alert event to occur when the temperature is within a band. The two change over relays can be used together with the messaging and alert to provide switching at user set switch points. In addition to this, on board datalogging is also available to record process details up to 5000 points.
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