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SEM1630, SEM1633, SEM1636 - Dual Relay Trip Amplifier Range For Temperature and Process Signals

  • Suitable for Pt100,Thermocouple,mV,mA,Resistance or Potentiometer Sensors
  • Dual Relay Outputs 250V AC @ 1A
  • Relay Contacts isolated from each other
  • Galvanic Isolation
  • Simple USB Configuration Port

Product Description

The SEM1630 range is a series of 3 DIN rail mounted trip amplifiers  that provide a dual relay output for process alarms.

SEM1630: Suitable for Pt100, Thermocouple or Passive mA  signals
SEM1633: Lower Cost. Suitable for Pt100, Resistance or Potentiometer Signals.
SEM1636: Loop Powered, provides switching points on the value of the loop current

Designed for ease of use, our USB interface is fitted for quick and easy configuration to all 3 products. Just connect a standard USB cable between the product and your PC and you’re ready to go. Using our free configuration software, your PC will automatically read the current configuration data and guide you through any changes you wish to make. To further help save time, the SEM1630 range does not need to be wired to a power supply during the configuration process, it is powered via the USB interface from your PC. 



Don't Forget

  • USB Lead

    USB Lead

    USB Lead
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    USB Lead

    • For use with our USB configured products
    • Quick and simple configuration
    • Used with our free software

  • 30000
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