Design, Manufacture and Supply of Process Instrumentation



From 1st July 2006 Electrical and Electronic Equipment, which falls within the scope of the Rohs Directive and being placed on the EU market, is legally required to comply with this legislation.
Although temperature, indicators and pressure devices which are supplied by Status Instruments are not within the scope of the RoHS Directive, and therefore do not have to comply with it.
As a Company with a duty to the environment and our stakeholders we made a decision to comply with this directive. As at the beginning of 2006 most of our products were in accordance with the Directive and we can confirm that products supplied after 2010 were fully Rohs compliant.
As a change in the Rohs Directive which now confirms that products produced by Status Instruments Ltd must be compliant by 2017, although as a company we have been Rohs compliant since 2010 we will ensure that that by this date Status Instruments will be fully compliant to ROHSII.


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