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New Active Isolator Scales Input To Process Value
06 December 2011

Status Instruments has launched SEM 1600VI, a new cost effective ‘smart’ powered DIN rail isolator/conditioner that has a built in capability to scale and linearise the input signal to a process value. This new conditioner accepts any voltage signal between (-50 and 50) V dc or any current signal between (-50 and 50) mA. The output stage offers either voltage, bipolar voltage or current re-transmission signals. The retransmission signal can be ranged to a scale anywhere within the input process range. A transmitter power supply is provided on both input and output meaning the products can accept sink or source applications. 

For ease of use, a high efficiency switch mode power supply is fitted as standard and does not require any adjustment between ac or dc applications. Operating voltages are (10 to 48) V dc and (10 to 32) V ac

Configuration is via a USB port and use of a simple menu-driven software configuration tool, which allows the user to take advantage of the product’s comprehensive specification. There are a number of free software tools built into the software including 22 segment user linearisation / profiling, maths functions and input signal damping. These enable you to further configure the product exactly to your requirements.

Additionally the user may read live process data when connected to the PC allowing for offset and span calibration

If configuration is not specified at the time of order, the product will be shipped with the default range (4 to 20) mA input (4 to 20) mA output.

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