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SEM1633 - 2 Relay output for Pt100 / Potentiometer Sensors

  • Suitable For RTD or Slidewire Sensors
  • High, Low,Deviation and Invert Trip Actions
  • Trip Rating 250 V AC 1A ; 30 V DC 1A
  • Powered ( 10 to 32) V AC / (10 to 48) V DC Supply
  • Input Filter, User Linearisation Functions
  • USB Programmable

Product Description

The SEM1633 provides an accurate alarm / switching function when used with RTD or Slidewire sensors. .

Other sensor characteristics or your own 22 point linearization characteristic (for slidewire or linear resistance) can be downloaded into the product enabling you to adapt it exactly to your application.

Trip outputs are independently configured for action, set point and dead band. Six actions are provided, normal High/Low/Deviation and inverted High/Low/Deviation.

For ease of use, a high efficiency switch mode power supply is fitted as standard and does not require any adjustment between ac or dc applications. Operating voltages are (10 to 48) V dc and (10 to 32) V ac

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