Design, Manufacture and Supply of Process Instrumentation

DM4500F - Panel Meter For Pulse and Frequency Sensors

  • Frequency Meter
  • Pulse Counter (5 digits) + Totalizer (8 digits)
  • Tachometer / Totalizer (8 Digits)
  • Suitable For Magnetic Pick Up
  • Suitable NPN / PNP Input
  • Suitable For Contact Closure
  • Suitable For Namur Sensors
  • Sensor Excitation
  • Multi Colour Display
  • Relay, Logic, Current / Voltage Output Options

Product Description

The DM4500F accepts various types of pulse and frequency sensors to display Rate, Totalise, Flow, RPM and Pulse Count enabling the DM4500F to be used in a variety of applications. Output options are provided that include NPN / PNP, 2 or 4 relays, current / voltage and RS485 comms. The unit can be fully programmed from the front panel buttons or via the RS485 comms option.

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