Design, Manufacture and Supply of Process Instrumentation

DM4500U - Panel Meter For Load Cell, Process and Temperature Sensors

  • Suitable For Load Cell, Temperature and Process Signals
  • Internal Power Supply For Loop and Load Cell Excitation
  • Tare Functions for Load Cell
  • Multi Colour Display
  • Relay, Logic, Current / Voltage Output Options
  • RS485 Comms Option

Product Description

The DM4500U accepts various types of sensors including Load Cell, Pt100, Thermocouple, Potentiometer and Process current or voltage enabling the DM4500U to be used in a wide variety of applications. Output options are provided that include NPN / PNP, 2 or 4 relays, current / voltage and RS485 comms. The unit can be fully programmed from the front panel buttons or via the RS485 comms option.

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