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SEM206TH - Programmable Suitable for Thermistor Sensors

  • Accepts Different Thermistor Types
  • Download Thermistor Characteristics
  • Push Button Range Configuration
  • Sensor Offset Function
  • Custom Thermistors Available

Product Description

The SEM206/TH is a “smart” in head transmitter that accepts thermistor temperature sensors and converts the sensor output over a configured range to a standard industrial (4 to 20) mA transmission signal. The output signal is linear to temperature. A variety of thermistor types are available when using USBSpeedLink configuration software. Please consult your supplier for custom thermistors.
In addition to the PC configuration feature, simple push button operation allows the user to select the desired temperature range manually, by either simulating the thermistor temperature with a resistance box or setting the thermistor sensor to the required calibration point and pressing button to store at both 4 mA and 20 mA points.

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