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SEM1020 - 4 to 20mA LOOP BOOSTER

  • Provides Extra Drive Capability From An Existing Current Loop
  • Only Requires 2.7 V From the Existing Loop
  • Galvanic Isolation
  • High Accuracy

Product Description

The SEM1020 is a loop isolator designed to provide extra drive capability from an existing current loop.

It requires power supply connections on both the input and output terminals. If true isolation is to be maintained, the two power supplies used must be fully isolated from each other. 

The input circuitry only drops 2.7 V from the existing current loop and providing a 24 V isolated power supply is used on the output side, the isolator will drive up to 900 ohms.

The most common use for the SEM1020 is to provide extra drive capabilities from an existing (4 to 20) mA current loop.

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    Loop powered trip amplifier with 2 relay outputs
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    Loop powered trip amplifier with 2 relay outputs

    • Dual Change Over Relay Output
    • Relay Rating 250V AC 1A; 30V DC 1A
    • Latching Relays In Case Of Loop Failure
    • Powered From 4/20mA Loop
    • Programmable Alarm Functions
    • LED Alarm Indication
    • Programmable Via USB Port
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    Loop Powered LED Indicator

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    • 4 Digit LED Display
    • Fully Programmable by Push Buttons
    • ATEX Version available
    • Probe or Surface Mounted

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