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SEM170 Series - Sub Sea Temperature Transmitter

  • Designed for 20+ Years life
  • Hyperbaric Tested To 224 Bar
  • One Piece Forged Thermowells
  • Custom Temperature Range
  • Document Book Supplied

Product Description

For over twenty years Status Instruments have been supplying the oil industry with our own design of Sub Sea Temperature Transmitter. It has been designed for long term use (20 years +) in sub-sea locations all over the world. Accurate process measurement can be made directly by mounting on the sub-sea tree. This transmitter provides the user with a two wire 4 to 20 mA output, proportional to the temperature change at the sensor.

The transmitter is housed in 316 Stainless Steel and is compatible with all connectors and cable attachments such as the Tronic or Siemens type. The transmitter assembly is hyperbaric tested to 224 bar for 30 minutes.

The Thermowell,  is designed to suit the needs of the end user and is manufactured from one piece forgings in materials such as Duplex F51, Super Duplex F55 UNS32760, Alloy 625 and Zeron 100. Subsea thermowells are pressure tested to 15000psi and can operate at depths of 2275 metres below sea level.
Full documentation is supplied to include, Dye Penetrant and Radiography Tests, X-Rays, Hardness Test, PMI test, Material Certificates, Pressure Test Certificates and Calibration Certificates. The transmitter is witness tested as part of a Factory Acceptance Test before being sent to the end user.
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