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SEM1720 - 2 Channel for Pt100, T/C. mA or volt output. Maths functions also

  • Dual Channel With 5 Port Isolation (3.75Kv)
  • Accepts RTD, Thermocouple or Potentiometer Sensors
  • Universal Voltage Or Current Outputs
  • Maths Functions Between Channels
  • Sensor Redundancy Switching
  • Eight User Configured Preset Configurations

Product Description

2 Channel RTD, Thermocouple or Potentiometer Inputs

Mix inputs - Eg Pt100 Chl 1 and Thermocouple Ch 2
2 x Outputs can be either isolated current or voltage straight through from the sensor
Or the device can be a splitter and send one input signal to 2 destinations. (voltage or current)
Average or difference of the 2 input sensors can be programmed and output on Ch1 and Ch2

Sensor fail safe . If one sensor fails then the device will automatically switch to the other 

Program for a stepped output between different input values
Designed and Made in the UK  

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