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SEM160I - Low Cost Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

  • Humidity, Temperature, Dew Point and Delta Temperature Measurement
  • (4 to 20) mA Loop Powered Output
  • duct and Wall Mount Versions
  • Switch to select pre stored configuration on dual channel version
  • Direct temperature sensor measurement in ohms (Standard Thermistor Optional Pt100)
  • Single and Dual Channel Versions

Product Description

The SEM160i is a low cost single/dual channel RH and temperature transmitter for industrial and BMS/HVAC applications. The unit can be supplied in single or dual channel ( two wire (4 to 20) mA ) versions, the single channel version has a thermistor (optional Pt100) mounted in the sensor tip for direct temperature sensing by users.
A USB HID interface is provided for user configuration using USBSpeed-Link configuration software, allowing the user to select signal source and range for each channel. The dual channel version has four switch set ranges for easy onsite configuration. The four ranges can be programmed individually to the customer’s requirement off site via the configuration software. Single point alignment is provided for both temperature and humidity ranges. The configuration software also provides data readings together with a basic logger function for diagnostics.
Wall and Duct mount versions are available.

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    Provides mA or voltage input / output with linearisation option

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    • Current, Voltage Or Bipolar Voltage Output
    • Accepts Internal and External Powered Current Loops On Input and Output
    • Powered ( 10 to 32) V AC / (10 to 48) V DC Supply
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