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SEM1603TC - PC Programmable, suitable for thermocouple sensors

  • Thermocouple / mV inputs
  • Galvanic Isolation
  • Input linear to temperature
  • (4 to 20) ma two wire output

Product Description

The SEM1603TC is a programmable DIN rail mounted temperature transmitter which accepts thermocouple temperature probes and converts their output into the industry standard 4 to 20mA transmission signal.

Designed for ease of use, this range is configured with our USB port powered configuration module. The module interfaces a PC USB port to the SEM1603, using the (4 to 20) mA loop to communicate. Using our free configuration software, you will be able to read the current configuration data, and then perform any changes you wish to make to the configuration. To further help save time, the SEM1603 and configuration module do not need to be wired to a power supply during the configuration process, both are powered by the USB interface on your PC.

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    • Isolated Universal Voltage or Current Output
    • Dual C/O Relay Trip Outputs
    • Universal Power Requirement 22to 250V AC or DC
    • Powers both input and output current loops
    • Simple Configuration Via USB Port
    • EAC Approval
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    • Galvanically Isolated Input
    • User Non Linear Feature for Tank Level Applications

  • Don't Forget

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