Design, Manufacture and Supply of Process Instrumentation

SCH4 SERIES - ABS Plastic Connection Head

  • Probe or Surface Mounting
  • Houses One or Two Transmitters
  • Sealed to IP67
  • Entry Threads M24,M20, M16, 1/2"BSP
  • Suitable for DM650 Loop Indicator

Product Description

The SCH4 series of probe connection heads has a wide range of entry sizes and positions. The head will accept standard connecting blocks and most standard head mounting transmitters. It also has two M2.5 threaded inserts which enable a low cost terminal block to be fitted for Energy Management applications.

Moulded in general purpose ABS, the external fixing points provide a simple and rapid means of mounting sensors directly onto ducts, dispensing with the need for separate mounting plates.

The unit is supplied fully assembled and consists of a body, cap, locking nut and sealing rings. Accessories include, a cap retaining chain or strap, clip in blanking plugs, OEM labels and mounting kits.

The unit can also be supplied in separate parts, the only tool required is an 8 mm Allen Key.

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